The Warm Fruit
The Warm Fruit
a non-linear tale of a child of Africa

A non-linear tale of a child of Africa in the 21st Century.

My name is Karĩ (/kah-ray/) and I am a writer, but more often a storyteller. 

I am a 2016 Jerome Foundation Travel and Study artist, former and current contributor to various outlets in the U.S. and a freelance writer and performer. My words mainly live on the internet but have also appeared on the radio, and on stage. My work grapples with issues of identity, intersectionality, art, community and belonging. I pack my bags often in search of myself, as such my work is not bound by geographies but rather by the human existence. These pages are an investigation into my world and the one happening around me. 

Why 'The Warm Fruit'? Read on. 

About the photos...

I believe that imagery is necessary for storytelling and an essential part of my existence. Most of the photos featured on this site are from my travels and the adventures into my cities of belonging, others from talented photographers engaged in storytelling of their own, but all of them dear to me. I hope you love them as much as I do. For photo permissions, please contact me or the photographers listed under the photos. 

warm fruit

NOUN sun kissed. Of the earth. 

ORIGIN Kenyan, Equatorial. African.